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MetaStock Programming Study Guide (RRP $297) – delivered digitally.

Our flagship product teaches you how to finally master MetaStock and it’s formula language so you can automatically identify profitable trading opportunities. This home study course succeeds where the MetaStock manual fails and turns your investment in the software into a smart one. Read the complete description – Click here.


MetaStock Seminar (RRP $149)  – delivered digitally.

The recordings from this closed door workshop gives you a quick start guide into MetaStock and its power tools. You’ll discover what most traders never learn about automating your trading system. It’s the perfect companion to the study guide. Read the complete description – Click here.
MetaStock Formula Center (RRP $147)  – delivered digitally.

My Private collection of 1084+ profit making formulas – ready for you to cut and paste within MetaStock. This is the biggest, most profitable, collection of MetaStock money making formulas available. Read the complete description – Click here.


Triple Your Trading Profits (RRP $337)  – delivered digitally.

The recordings from a one day workshop where we reveal how you can increase your trading profits with a system that works in any market, in any time frame. It was designed for traders just like you, by traders who started where you did. Follow in our footsteps. Read the complete description – Click here.
Trading Secrets Revealed (RRP $97)  – delivered digitally.

In this course you’ll discover specific step-by-step trading money management strategies, used by successful traders, that you can literally drop into your current trading system and see immediate profit increasing results. It’s true with these money management rules you can be wrong 50% of the time and still make loads money! Read the complete description – Click here.

Order Now – $395

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Note: We bill in AUD and it’s +GST if you’re in Australia.

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